My time at the Schigymnasium Stams

Immer wieder einmal kommen Praktikanten aus dem Ausland an unsere Schule, um den Schulalltag an einer österreichischen Schule kennenzulernen. Von Februar bis Mai war dies Jack Miller aus England. Hier ein kleiner Rückblick auf seine Zeit hier bei uns:

Selfie mit Jack

I worked at the Schigymnasium from February until May and had a brilliant time. Living and working in Tyrol has been fantastic, and I will definitely miss being able to ski every weekend during the winter after I have returned to England.
Before I came to Austria I didn't know what a "Schigymnasium" was, I was slightly anxious that I would have to give English lessons on the mountainside whilst the students were practicing! I have thoroughly enjoyed working at the school. A couple of key moments for me were: being introduced to Helene Fischer's "Atemlos" by the students - I don't know whether this is a positive or a negative thing, and going to the Graduate Ball, which was my favourite cultural event.
I loved working with the students, and I hope they have learnt a bit of English from me! I have certainly improved my German vocabulary thanks to them, and I feel more comfortable with the Austrian dialects now, although I still have to pretend to understand people when they speak with a heavy one (I just nod and hope they don't ask me a question). I will try to speak in Tyrolian dialect to my German professors when I go back to university in Sheffield and see how they react. I will miss living here and everyone!
Best wishes, and thanks for giving me such a great time.